Manually lighting a gas stove

Lighting a Gas Stove Manually

Gas stoves are one of the best traditional things in our lives. Many of us are madly in love with them because of the beneficial nature they have. The simple adjustment of temperatures and easy operations are the reasons behind their popularity. But not every individual need to know about lighting a gas stove. For some, it might be a new process. Therefore we are here to help out. 

Their quick heating response makes these stoves safe and valuable. Earlier, there were only matchsticks to ignite the burner. Now, we have gas lighters to do it more easily. If it’s your first operation of a gas stove, know that you will love to use this next time. 

How to Light a Gas Stove Manually?

When you pay enough attention to your gas stove and take good care of it, it will keep serving you for years and years. Isn’t it amazing? Just learn about the lighting of a gas stove, and you are ready to use a budget-friendly stove option.

Step 1

You have to start with body preparations because none of us wants to face a tragedy while cooking in the kitchen. Begin with rolling up your sleeves. Next, you have to remove your jewelry and slippery flip-flops. Also, tie your hair if you have long hair. All these things are to prevent mishaps. It will be a safe cooking experience with a gas stove. Well, now you are ready to light the stove.

Step 2

Grab a matchbox before you turn the dial on. It will save you from any possible inconvenience during your first experience.

Step 3

You will see a dial on your gas stove. Turn it to medium heat. For this, some gas stoves require a bit of pressure to press the dial inside. Check what kind of gas stove you have. Now, light the match or a lighter if you have. Place it closer to the burner, and you will see the burner lighting up. Be careful on this step because if you are a newbie, you might burn your hand. Quickly pull your hand away from the burner to avoid injuries. Also, blow up the match once the burner is ignited.

If you are lighting or using a gas stove for the first time, you may need to be careful about possible accidents. Follow all the precautionary measures to keep yourself safe. Upon turning on the dial, if you notice a smell of rotten egg or Sulphur, leave your house as quickly as you can. Call emergency services in cases like these. 


When you begin using a gas stove, it is necessary to stock a fire extinguisher in our house to ensure safety. Also, never go for the first attempt when you are alone. Do it with the help of your friend or family member or watch them doing it. Lighting a gas stove is the easiest and fun thing when you learn how to do it. It will help you cook delicacies with ease and in less time.

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