Fixing a lighter

How to Fix a Lighter?

Owning a lighter means, you will have to repair it frequently. But why worry when you have a helpful instructable. But at first, you should check your lighter and diagnose the problem; it could be a simple refueling requirement as well. You will get to know easy steps to fix your lighter here. Give it a thorough read and get your baby fixed now. 


Steps to Fix a Lighter

Step 1

For lighter refueling, at first, you have to empty the lighter appropriately. You can do this by turning the lighter upside down so that the fill valve faces upward, apply pressure on it to get rid of the remaining fluid. 

Buy a butane can and look for the nozzle if it fits the fill valve or not. Insert the nozzle and turn the lighter a bit on the opposite side to get the butane inside. Once you feel the coldness of the metal, stop as you have done it correctly. It is pretty simple to buy a new one, but some people are attached to their lighters, so refueling the same makes them feel happy.

 Step 2

If there is a need to replace the flint, go ahead. For the replacement, you will need to remove the metal around the flame. Also, remove the spark wheel by twisting it. There you will see a flint which is a kind of a tiny cylinder. Please remove it from the spring and place a new one. Now assemble the spring, spark wheel, and metal surrounding again. You can easily buy a new flint from any online store according to your lighter brand.

Step 3

The metal surrounding, which we discussed in the above step, can also be a reason for your problem. If you notice any change in that metal surrounding the piece, you should change it. But first, check it by opening the top of the lighter. Use a needle nose plier or a tweezer to loosen the nozzle if it’s too tight. If the problem is still there, try replacing the metal surrounding.

The diagnosis of the problem is a must before because if there is severe damage, you won’t repair or fix it. A broken plastic part is not possible to fix. So, before opening and trying to fix the lighter, look for the rusting, damages, and parts. When you feel the lighter is good to fix and you don’t want to lose your favorite one, then begin with the steps mentioned above according to the problem you face. But dont forget, there are always chances of explosions, so be careful when you work with it.


We have mentioned all the possible answers for how to fix a lighter. Ow, you can easily keep your favorite lighter for years. Keep in mind that Zippos are a bit different. You can’t fix them by using any replacement. Even for the lighter fluid, you will require an actual zippo fluid. Well, it’s always a good idea to use a related flint, liquid, or wick. Fix it and have fun with it.

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