Things To Look For In A Good LED flashlights

Things To Look For In A Good LED Torch

With the advent of smartphones, we have long lost our adventure partners that were always there with us as soon as the sun went down. They weren’t a problem to carry around and almost everyone had one no matter how good or bad it was. Now even in homes, flashlights seem to have become less ubiquitous in homes and their significance is lost somewhere. But still some people understand that a good flashlight has plenty of advantages over the usual smartphone flashlight. 

LED flashlights are again becoming known due to their features and extra powerful battery lives and performance. LED flashlights come in various forms. They could be handheld, headlamps, keychain lights or huge and heavy ones that seem to light up the entire world before you. However, to have a superb experience accompanied with your LED torch you need to give your prospective purchase a good look so you don’t end up throwing in that messy drawer like all the old ones.

The fastest and simplest way to simplify your choice for a good flashlight is by buying it from a brand that’s quite known for its product in the niche. Those brands will definitely offer some reasonable range of products in terms of quality, budget and performance. Now that too is a lot to choose from, right? This means still you have a gazillion options at hand even after aligning it with your budget and requirements. That’s the reason we have made it easy for you to choose the best flashlight for your needs. 

  • Material and Durability : Anything you buy for some outdoor activity or home chores you need to double check it with the material and satisfy yourself so that your spent amount doesn’t go down the drain hole once you take the flashlight in rainy weather. For LED flashlights, Aluminium seems to be the excellent choice due to its promising results in heat conduction, light weight and sturdiness. An aluminium flashlight means you have a durable product in your hands with a sturdy and scratch resistant body. However when we consider headlamps, they require a rather lightweight material to carry easily on the head. And that’s obviously plastic but the one doesn’t wear off just because of a little too much heat.
  • Water/Dust Resistant: Headlamps or flashlights are primarily used for outdoor business which makes them quite prone to having the exposure to a lot of heat, water and dust. This means you have got to look for something that has these three features. In terms of flashlights, if a torch is IPX-6, then it’s splash resistant and you don’t need to worry a lot but stay safe and get inside to save your torch. However, IPX-8 would make it water resistant up to 2m deep and that too for around 30 minutes or so. So if you are looking for something a bit waterproof go for the ones that have IPX-8.
  • Brightness: What we are made to believe by advertising or maybe our mindsets is that the greater the brightness the better the flashlight. But this is totally not true. Consider using a flashlight for any of your chores, and imagine maximum how much light you would require and you will have the answer. You only need enough light to see things properly without any hassle. When buying for household purposes, look for something with 75 lumens as that’s enough. While buying one for camping, hiking or an expedition in the forest you would require something 100-150 lumens. Going above this makes it useless and increases the budget only. 
  • Headlamps or Hand LED torches? Headlamp is a type of LED torch that is portable, easy to manage and quite hassle-free. Being a user-friendly option is what makes it more acceptable among people. Just tie the strap on your head and you are ready for your expedition anywhere. But make sure you have the one that’s lightweight and manageable. On the other hand, LED flashlights seem to do all the work but they are not very suitable for camping etc. Although you have light weight and portable options in that too but still hand torch take up the race.
  • Batteries: In LED torches, batteries will play an essential role. But it all depends on your use and requirement. AA and AAA batteries are considered the best ones to have a good experience. While for an extraordinarily flashy and bright experience to switch CR2 and CR123 battery flashlights. However, lithium batteries are a good option in winters and you might want to have some extra ones too if going for exchangeable battery options .


With a lot of budget friendly and user friendly options available in the market, you have got to switch on some actual LED flashlights that deliver quality and a good performance within budgets as low as $5. So why not try them up if you are an adventure freak!

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