How Many Lumens Do Police Flashlights Have?

How Many Lumens Do Police Flashlights Have?

Police flashlights are some of the finest out there in the market with an average of 800 to 1200 lumens or can exceed even more according to the job. But most probably police use flashlights within this lumen range as these are perfect for everything from regular document checking to a poorly lit building investigation. They have the ones which are sturdy, lightweight, and powerful with great batteries. 

Nowadays, flashlights have become a fundamental gadget if you are functioning in the law enforcement sector. You will need to have it with you all the time just like your gun so as to ensure its use whenever there is a need. Also, all the things you need to do in the law enforcement and the security sector will involve having a sturdy powerful flashlight with you. But a question arises, “How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Flashlight When Performing A Duty As A Policeman?” before you start your duty or another search operation.

Tactical Flashlights:

A certain category is now made that deals with professional use and primarily the law enforcement and other security forces. It’s called the Tactical flashlights which form an essential tool for investigation, examination & rescue services. These are taken into use by police officers, military personnels, as well as other emergency services for good results. These flashlights are built in a way that is reliable, sturdy, and durable, because they are used commonly in many emergency situations.

These flashlights are known for typically employing a cause that needs an energy efficient and a rather low power consuming light emitting diode as its light source so that it doesn’t run out before time. However these tactical flashlights also come in varied lumen ranges starting usually from 500-800 and have no end as far as it is seen. Some freaks or people who consider flashlights as toys might go over the board and buy something quite extraordinary. But some jobs like night duties or hidden search operations require some high lumen count flashlights. Let’s have a look at what the best lumen count police flashlights have. 

Emergency Services: 

The higher end Flashlights with 300+ lumen count are used for daily security jobs or what policemen will need to have with them. Also, these flashlights come in professional use like construction and security. This is also the range into which almost all the ‘tactical’ flashlights tend to fall. Furthermore, these flashlights work the best when a security officer needs to attack the criminal as they will blind the next person they look into directly. 

Night Shifts and Night Operations:

Night shifts in some law enforcement sectors like police, army etc require something more powerful, widely reachable and with a good focus and battery time. This means you are going towards a greater lumen count that’s probably going to be 1000+.

Many flashlights have now fled the markets with generally high lumen counts leaving me thinking why do they even need this. But yes, with night shifts outside a police station, or some high profile areas and houses you need to be alert yourself with some accurate gadgets too. 

These are used in emergency services during night work or search and rescue missions. This is also the lumen count you would need for activities such as caving, hiking and trekking at night or evenings mainly. They are uncomfortably bright and might hurt your eyes real bad so buy these monsters if you need it for the job otherwise it’s only going to leave a hole in your pocket. 

Written by Madiha Hashmi 

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