How Many Lumens Should Flashlight Have?

How Many Lumens Should A Good Flashlight

A flashlight’s performance is best perceived by its lumens which is the measurement of the
utmost light output from a torch. A good flashlight however has around 200-500 lumens
which is suitable for all indoor and outdoor tasks. Even when going camping, hunting and
searching, flashlights which retain around 200-500 lumens power function as the fairest.
A misconception that has taken over the flashlight market is that the greater the lumens the
more promising the flashlight. However, this is not something entirely true. The performance
of a flashlight also vastly depends on some other aspects that shouldn’t be ignored at the
time of buying it. Like beam distance, running time, battery etc. So don’t exclusively rely on
the lumens but treat them as a significant factor like many others.
A thing to keep in mind:
Moreover, for a flashlight, the more lumens that you have, the farther your light is going to
travel, you are going to achieve more focus and an alienated view. However, one thing
needs to be placed in mind when dealing with lumens primarily is, the more lumens wielded
in a flashlight the shorter its battery life. This will make you realise to go for something with a
reasonable lumens amount and an adequate battery life if you don’t have anything serious to
do. This means, the job that you intend to perform with the flashlight will decide how many
lumens you will really need.

FMU LED Tactical Flashlight

FMU LED Tactical Flashlight

If you are involved in search Operations, and rescue, you will obviously need surplus lumens
rather than a flashlight that is just going to be used indoors for minor purposes when the
power goes out. However, if you have no such use and need for little chores indoors and
outdoors your lumen need will automatically decrease unless you are a flash-a-holic and
need something powerful on your hands all the time.

So let’s dive into a few different situations that you would want a flashlight for and decide the
decent lumen count you’re going to need in it. From there it’s up to you to decipher in which
situation, which lumen count will work as the best for you.

Casual Indoor And Outdoor Chores:

Flashlights within 100-200 lumens are illustrative for all indoor uses and some outdoor
activities too. Like looking up in your yard at night for something or going to check in your
cycle that stands outside in a poor lit environment. An average flashlight which emits around
the same lumen count of 100 to 200, will be a decent choice for urban and even suburban
areas. These allow you to search for things within a 20-30 feet range that’s not very much
but ideal according to the circumstances.

Searching Activities:

A flashlight rendering a 200-400 lumen count is ideal for situations where you are stepping
out of well lit areas. It might be for searching in woods, going camping or cycling through
woods. It works well for searching purposes. It perfectly fits to searching activities within a 50
meter distance. These can even lighten up a small room well, and can be used as a bicycle
headlight too with it’s powerful beam.

Professional Use:

Professionally applicable flashlights are the ones that are used by engineers, mechanics,
plumbers and even police men. These flashlights are included in the most powerful
flashlights category as the lumen count reaches up to 500-1000 lumens. They can reach
farfetch areas and can easily blind the attacker or any person that looks directly into them.
This lumen count means you are entering into a very capable flashlight for a general use
zone. These flashlights have an output which is efficient but pretty cost effective.

So prefer going for a flashlight that fits your most recent job and don’t get too excited over
lumens as every job requires a sufficient amount of light and more than that seems useless.

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