Voltage in a Gas Lighter

Voltage in a Gas Lighter

Every kitchen is incomplete without a gas lighter if you have gas stoves. Gas stoves are the traditional and favorite types of stoves of many of us. There are two ways to ignite a gas stove and using gas lighters on the top. It is a budget-friendly option. But do you know how your favorite lighter works? No one knows that until we get a thorough read about it. 

There are multiple variations of a gaslighter depending on their size, shape, mechanism, and working. These days, we can get a wide variety because of the bunch of manufacturers. All the different types have some slight differences. You have to choose them according to your requirements. But when you talk about the working or mechanism that uses voltage, there is so much to know. 

Working Mechanism of a Gas Lighter

How can a simple thumb pressure ignite a gas stove using voltage? Don’t worry; you are getting to know about the answer now. We all love a tiny spark. It’s inside your lighter as well. When you try to ignite the gas burner using a lighter, it will spark to light up the stove. That spark is the actual thing to make your lighter work. Now coming to the mechanism, there is a piezoelectric crystal based on the principle of piezoelectricity. It is also known as the heart of the gaslighter. 

The lighter has a spring-loaded hammer inside, which uses your pressure to produce the spark by a piezoelectric crystal. The steel casing has a simple mechanism and components. There is a button on the top, surrounded by two small handles to help you put enough pressure. The spring-loaded hammer then utilizes this pressure. The hammer then helps the crystal to produce the spark, and your lighter ignites the burner. 

Some of you might still be thinking about the production of spark. Well, we will explain it to you. The mechanical pressure you are applying on the hammer results in voltage generation by the piezoelectric crystal. The two electrodes then carry it to the ignition head, where you see the spark. The spark then ignites the stove. The process requires about a minute to complete, using a voltage of 7kV to spark. The entire procedure is pretty simple to understand. However, it might be surprising for some to believe that the tiny thing for stove ignition uses a voltage generation this way. The mechanism can be different for some gas lighters, but the average voltage usage is 7kV or all of them. 

Wrapping Up

Piezoelectric gas lighters are worth trying. They will ease your frequent stove usage. Also, they are pocket-friendly and saves enough of your money. You don’t have to replace them as well, because they are easy to refill. From the voltage of a gaslighter to the durable stainless steel construction, all things make the lighter the best choice for years. It will be your best friend in the kitchen. 

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